Instacart raises $600mil This comes eight months after a $200mil round which valued the grocery delivery service at $4.2bil. Through Instacart, shoppers are able to order from hundreds of retailers including Costco and Walmart. Read more.

Netflix shares surge after record subscriber growth The online streaming service has bested expectations. It was able to attract 7 million new subscribers between July and September. Netflix shares increased by 14% to $394.25 in after-hours trading. Read more.

ASOS announces growth of revenue and profits Pretax profit reached £102mil as revenue increased by 26% to £2.42bil. The online fashion retailer also reported positive growth in consumer key metrics. Read more.

Truphone now valued at $507mil The UK start up provides voice and data services – to be used for phones, tablets and IoT devices. It’s been able to raise $71 mil from Vollin Holdings and Minden Worldwide. Read more.

Digital talent scout acquired by Apple Asaii, the music analytics platform, is designed to find the next big music sensation – ahead of anyone else. Apple acquired the firm for less than $100mil. Read more.

Visa bolsters payment experience with IOC renewed partnership The partnership between Visa, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has been renewed until 2032. Visa hopes to improve fan experiences by improving mobile ticket purchasing and similar services. Read more.