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The constantly evolving role of digital and tech businesses requires us to look at talent in a new way

The MBS Group is known for partnering with founders and boards, from first-time founders and serial entrepreneurs through to businesses that have recently listed. They call on us to help shape their teams for growth, including: CEO, COO, CPO, CTO, CCO, CSO, NED.

From 2012 to 2014, we boosted our own understanding of the challenges and opportunities high-growth tech businesses face when we incubated startup market intelligence and media monitoring platform Signal Media. The multi-award-winning business now has several high-profile VC backers and we continue to work closely with the team to further our own knowledge.

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Moira Benigson

Moira Benigson

Managing Partner

Stephen Rosenthal

Stephen Rosenthal


Emily Salgado

Emily Salgado

Associate Consultant

The MBS Group is excellent at consulting, making suggestions, knowing the market. The team was always accessible, and they always managed candidates well. I would recommend them to colleagues.


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8 October 2018 - 7:42

Bose receives regulatory approval in the US for a product to aid hearing The FDA has approved Bose to market a new hearing aid device, which can be self-fitted and controlled without a healthcare provider and can be adjusted through a mobile app. The features may be launched in a dedicated product or added to existing products. Read more.

8 October 2018 - 7:37

Apple and BT in talks over pay-tv partnership, according to The Telegraph Similar to a deal Apple has with telecoms operator Salt in Switzerland, the newspaper is reporting that it is in talks with BT to push pay-TV in the UK. The deal could see customers of BT's mobile business EE provided with Apple TVs loaded with BT content. Read more.

24 September 2018 - 9:26

Deliveroo announces plans to experiment with dynamic pricing Chief Operating Officer Rohan Pradhan stated that customers could face higher prices during inclement weather and receive discounts during quieter periods. The plans are similar to the surge pricing of Uber, which is seeking to acquire the business. Read more.